2014 Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) Hike Year


The every fun lover’s favorite Disney (NYSE:DIS) Co. has delivered one of the best dividend with an increase of 34% among all other multinational giants. The company has earned a reputation of performing the best in the year 2014 and is still expected to make more successes in the upcoming years. 1.25% is not a particularly exciting dividend yield rate figure however the mouse’s house has the potential of delivering huge dividends in the upcoming years.

The company’s fiscal year ends in September every year and 2014 has been the best one ever hitting the highest record after launching its best and most successful movies like Frozen, Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Maleficient. Among these movies Frozen became the biggest most successful hit with the greatest franchise potential. The Disney’s success also gives the other related businesses to nurture and make sales.

The frozen merchandise sales are at booming level all thanks to the success of Frozen movie. The Chairperson and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company in a press conference announced Disney (NYSE:DIS) managed to hit the highest record ever all thanks to the company’s creative approach and innovation in its ideas and activities which have bring the company this far. He said that 2014 has been the year with the highest ever generated revenue and earnings per share.

He also mentioned that the company will simultaneously grow and expand and will also increase its shareholder equity. The Company intends to move forward in the entertainment industry where profits are not easy to capture. However Disney (NYSE:DIS) is not some average player in the industry. It owns some of the most valued brands in the industry and has the individual copy and patent rights to some of the most beloved fictional characters worldwide through which it generates huge sales every year.

The human capital and the Disney’s marketing strategies are the two most important factors of its success. The Disney (NYSE:DIS) Co. looks stronger and competitive after the acquisition of brands like Lucasfilm, Marvel and Pixel. The Company has got some good and very productive plans for the future to further increase its portfolio and marketing abilities. The Age of Ultron, and the Avengers sequel are expected to be released in may 2015.

These are two of the most demanded long awaited movies of the company which will definitely capture huge market shares. The company made revenue of $6.5billion this September and is currently considered as a cash generating machine. $1.5billion was allocated for distribution of dividends and $6.5billion for purchasing the buy backs making it a priority over the dividends during the fiscal year of 2014. The company’s dividend is however growing with an amazing pace.

$0.35 from its annual payment has increased to $1.15 per share. Keeping in mind the Companies capabilities, its future image is quite bright. The company has great chances take the market again and again through more innovative and new ideas.